Word 2016 freezing when clicking in printer properties – print properties dialog opens off screen

One of my clients is having a weird problem where Word 2016 (Office 365 E5) started freezing.  Initially, it was when deleting words but we also found that upon clicking printer properties while trying to print causes the printer properties dialog box to open off screen where you can’t see it.  I know it opens off screen as trying to right click and close Word gives an error message saying there is an open dialog box that needs to be closed before Word can close.

Tried safe mode to no avail.  Currently attempting to reinstall Office using the online repair method.

Office 2016 apps prompt save as dialog twice, first through the backstage view and then the normal save as dialog box



The two above links are very similar to the problem my client is experiencing.  There is a workaround in the second link which says to disable the backstage view.  However many people grow accustomed to this view and I think it is a bug with Office and Windows.

The other thing is Microsoft standard fix for everything instead of fixing the actual bug is to do an online repair install.

Open up Word 2016, create a new document, type in some words, save as, in the backstage view, click on a folder, any folder, and then save.  Eventually the normal save as dialog box pops up again asking you to save the document.  Sometimes the document is already there and if you hit save it’ll ask if you want to overwrite the existing document that was saved via the backstage view a few seconds prior or the document is not there at all.


I am actually having the same problem and I was able to recreate it on my own workstation.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open up Microsoft Word
  2. Click on Blank Document
  3. Type anything into document
  4. File > Save As
  5. Choose someplace within Recent
  6. I choose a folder on OneDrive for Business by double-clicking on the folder
  7. Click Save
  8. Wait for it to kick you back to the document
  9. Another Save As dialog box will appear

Excel 2016 opens extremely slow on Windows 10 on Dell OptiPlex 3050 computer

If you’re like me and have a brand spanking new Dell OptiPlex 3050 and Office 2016 installed and are having problems opening up Excel documents where double clicking on the file then takes 20 seconds to open up the actual file then I’ve got the solution for you!

According to this post here, the problem is a service called Waves Audio Services.  I disabled it, and it immediately had an impact on the opening time of Excel documents.

It went from taking 20 seconds to open a single, local document to less than a second to open a single, local document.  Even documents on a network share opened in less than a second after disabling the Waves Audio Services service.

According to the source link I posted above, there is an update to the driver from Dell, but when I went to the Dell support website and looked via my computer’s affected service tag, I did not see any updates for this particular software or audio device.

Windows 10 long file paths and file names cause Windows Explorer to crash

Ever since Microsoft released its anniversary update to Windows 10, they introduced a new feature which enables file names and paths longer than 260 characters.  However, in doing this, they introduced a bug that is causing a lot of problems.

If you had Windows 10 and are connected to a file server or even a network attached storage device and you had file paths that were longer than 260 characters, for the most part Windows would not complain.  It would allow you to modify, save, create etc. files with no problems.

After the Windows 10 anniversary update which included the new feature to allow file paths and names longer than 260 characters this broke everything.  You see, you can able this feature through group policy and the only things that support or will allow you to use this new feature is a very limited group of applications.  The application has to specifically be told to use this feature so everyone including Microsoft has to update their programs to utilize this feature.  Windows Explorer in its current form does not support file paths and names longer than 260 characters.  Whatever they did to include the new code which allows file paths and names longer than 260 characters is what is causing this bug to happen.

Symptoms of the bug is when you view a file or folder within Windows Explorer that has a file path longer than 260 characters Windows Explorer will close.  Your desktop may also flash black momentarily and then come back with just your desktop showing.  Another symptom of this bug is when you have a folder or file that is longer than 260 characters that is in your quick access area which is the default folder/area that Windows Explorer opens up to you will see a blinking Windows Explorer window non stop.  I’ve also hard of people being unable to drag Windows Explorer windows across their desktop.

There are two workarounds for this as it stands but they’re simply that, workarounds, these are not permanent fixes because it gimps Windows Explorer.

The first is to go to View, Options, Change Folder and Search Options, click on the View tab, CHECK off Always show icons, never thumbnails.

The second is to change the way Windows Explorer opens up to quick access: Again View, Options, Change Folder and Search Options, on the General tab at the very top it says “Open File Explorer to and there is a drop down box with “Quick access” already select.  Change it to This PC. and hit apply and then OK.

You can follow this thread: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files/long-file-paths-crash-file-explorer-when-accessing/82ef7806-41f0-4841-94a1-0010cb02bd69?page=2&msgId=31967051-23c1-405f-a42b-fb531d94be62 where there are multiple people confirming this bug.

How to enable Microsoft Updates for Windows Server 2008 R2

I was trying to enable Microsoft Update so that I could get Exchange updates but whenever I clicked on the “Find out more” link it would take me to the below screen shot and just stay there with no option to install Microsoft Update.


You have to add Microsoft.com to the compatibility view settings of IE11 in order to get the prompt to install Microsoft Updates.

Exchange 2003 not receiving external e-mails

If you run into this problem where you have an SBS 2003 or Exchange 2003 server not receiving external e-mails or even sporadic, intermittent e-mails, check the self signed SSL cert that the CIECW creates.  More than like it’s expired.  If you re-create it by re-running the wizard and telling it to create a new certificate, you should be golden.  I racked my brain and hours trying to get this to work.

“This copy of the Install OS X El Capitan application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading.”

On two different occassions I’ve had this problem where I attempted to install OS X El Capitan via USB flash drive onto an older MacBookPro and encountered this error: “This copy of the Install OS X El Capitan application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading.”

Normally it is due to your date and time being off, usually if your battery died and your date got reset back to 1970.  However, even with the date set via terminal to the current date and time I still have the same problem.  Eventually I found that if you set the date back to 2013 via terminal, so using the command “date 0301120013” has allowed El Capitan to continue installing.  Good luck!

OneDrive for Business and Office 2016 error: We can’t find the SharePoint site location. Please check the location address for typing errors.

If you receive this error message: We can’t find the SharePoint site location. Please check the location address for typing errors, make sure you’re using the full URL of the OneDrive for Business location versus just typing in url.sharepoint.com. I was doing the latter and kept receiving this error thinking it was a compatibility issue with Office 2016.

Apple iCloud activation lock: The Perfect Storm

So I’ve heard of horror stories where someone has two factor authentication on for their iCloud/Apple ID and they lose the backup password/code and in doing so they are basically screwed, there’s no way for Apple to let you back in and it for the most part is for good reason.  There are many people out there who utilize social engineering and attempt to gain access to other users’ accounts.

Then there is me, and in this case it is my son’s Apple iPhone 5S that I gifted him recently.  I created a separate iCloud/Apple ID account for him.  I had my personal e-mail address as an additional e-mail address on his account.  I also had three security questions setup but forgot to the answers to.  This past weekend I needed to gain access to the account but forgot the security questions.  I went ahead and had the e-mail confirmation sent to my backup e-mail I had on file.  This went through ok.  I also needed to change the password of the account, long story short I was in the midst of disciplining my son.  So I change the password, and stupidly did not write the password down as I again, became sidetracked by receiving a call back from my son.  In turn, the password was changed, I did not write it down, the three security questions were some how blown away, and then my secondary e-mail address was also removed.  I don’t remember doing either of those two things but it happened.

My son starts telling me that his phone keeps asking for his iCloud password.  I attempt to use the last known good one that I had but that did not work.  I try resetting it but find that it will only send the e-mail recovery to the actual iCloud account.  That doesn’t help us at all since we don’t know the password and the recovery options are all blown away.  I schedule a call with Apple Support and am told that there is a way for them to reset the password but they need two pieces of information to identify and confirm that it is who I say I am.  And that is understandable and it goes back to my point I made earlier that it’s for security reasons and if they’re lax, hacking can become a major problem as it was in the past.  I understand that.

So I can only get one piece of information confirmed and the guy says I’m out of luck but that I can get the activation lock removed by sending in proof of purchase which I did.  After restoring it in DFU mode it’s still locked by way of activation so I have to call back tomorrow.  But I guess the lesson learned here is be careful with your account.  The only reason why the account didn’t have a CC on file is because my son doesn’t have a credit card or debit card and I did not want to have mine on file.

I now plan to look into banks or credit unions and have my son signed up for his own account so we can have at least two pieces of information on file to recover the password if this happens again.

It sucks but again it doesn’t because of the way the system works.  It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  The bad guys want everything lax so they can get into the account and do whatever it is they do.  But in the process of it the good guys who really use it for what it’s meant to be used for and are just there to enjoy the ride get shafted too, sometimes.

Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.

I am working on an HP laptop that needed a new hard drive.  I cloned the failing hard drive to a new hard drive and installed it back into the laptop.  I tried to get Windows Updates but received the following error: Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.  I tried stopping the wuauserv service and re-naming the SoftwareDistribution folder and even deleting it but nothing worked.  I finally stumbled onto a TechNet forum post that said to try and update the Intel Rapid Storage Technology” drivers and all I did was Google “Intel Rapid storage Technology HP” and used the first one that showed up from hp.com.  It worked.  Another symptom you’ll probably have is Microsoft Windows Defender won’t start, nor will the service.  You will get an error message that says: “windows could not start the windows defender service on local computer error 0x8e5e0247.”