Apple iPhone OS 4.0 announcements

In about one hour, Apple is set to make an announcement on what new features will be included in their OS 4.0.

This includes features that will be added to the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone.

Tune in live to and and check out what new features will arrive sometime later this year.

Everyone is predicting that some type of multitasking will be implemented.  In its current state, the iPhone and iPad and even the iPod Touch does not have true multitasking.  It does have push notifications which enable you to know what program has been updated in real time but the ability to switch between them and not have to close the program out completely has not been implemented.  The main reason for this is that battery life will be drastically cut down.  It appears that Apple may have found a way to preserve battery life as well as implement multitasking.

This may mean that the multitasking will be cut down and castrated to a useable version but albeit it will allow users to switch between certain apps.

We’ll see.  My gut instinct is that multitasking will not make it into this cut but I’ve read people have gotten their hands on pre-release builds/betas of OS4.0 and they’ve confirmed that multitasking is indeed real.