Major manufacture external hard drives pre-installing unwanted crapware

I was about to buy a Western Digital 1TB slim external hard drive today.  It’s a good thing I read a few reviews on Amazon and the Best Buy website.  Although not all reviews are legitimate, I kind of gauge my purchase and the product’s worth by looking at and reading the reviews.

I found something that caught my eye.  Western Digital is installing this crap that they call “SmartWare” which is basically embedded into the actual firmware not the hard drive itself.

The best way to explain this is that the hard drive is separate from this SmartWare and the SmartWare is built into this microchip.  Because of its separation from the hard drive, you cannot just wipe the hard drive out by formatting it.  Not even removing all partitions will do it.  That’s again because it’s located in this chip’s firmware.

Why did they do this?  That’s beyond me.  Nobody likes extra crap being installed onto their already slow computers.  In any case, I’m glad I read those reviews.  That saved me time and grief.

I hope this will help someone skip these hard drives.  I would advise you to just build your own external drive.  You can buy an internal 2.5” laptop hard drive for under $100 and put it into a $20 dollar enclosure and you won’t have to deal with the “SmartWare” that Western Digital provides.