Outlook Express could not open email

I received a computer that was having problems with its hard drive and Outlook Express.  Whenever you’d try to open up an email or view it in the viewing pane Outlook Express would throw up an error indicating that the email could not be opened and or that there was a problem with the address book.  I don’t have the exact error as I’m just going off of memory right now.  It had to do with not being able to open the email and a problem with the address book.

I found a few solutions online via Google but none worked.  The first solution was to uninstall Outlook Express by going through the add/remove programs.  Tried it, no luck.

Second suggestion was to re-register a .dll file using regsvr32.  It said to register wab32.dll but this did not fix the problem either.

Other obvious suggestions were things like recreating the profile, delete all .dbx files (backup before deleting, duh!) and reimporting it into a new profile.  Tried this and again no luck.

In the end, due to time constraints, I opted to do a clean install.  It fixed the problem.

I’ve seriously been finding myself in time constraints with these problems and opting for a clean install.  I wish I could fix these and want to but due to the time I’m given (few days max) to fix these computers, I gotta just get them out the door.  It’s unfortunate because I love to figure the puzzle out and put it all together.  I also enjoy sharing the info I find with you guys out there so that you won’t have to go through the same struggle I did.