Windows 7 and Acronis 2010

As my recent posts have said, I upgraded to Windows 7.  I actually upgraded at home but thought about upgrading my work bench as well.  So I did.  What happened was that everything other than Acronis works like a champ.  Acronis, unfortunately has many issues with the way it interacts with Windows 7.  Basically it will crash at random, which is indicative of buggy software, which I would have to place the blame on Acronis.  Another thing that happens is that you cannot mount images (.tib) files that you create with Acronis.  This means that you really don’t have any luck with mounting the image you just created to see the files and verify that everything is working properly.

This is unacceptable for my line of work.  I use Acronis to image clients’ hard drives to ensure that when doing a wipe that I have every single file, regardless of if I do a full format/reinstall.  I need this for insurance purposes, figuratively speaking, of course.  It saves my ass when a client comes back and says I don’t have x file or x folder, it was saved here in a different place other than My Documents.  I can fire up Acronis, mount the image to Windows, go through Explorer and view all files, directories, etc. and pick the file the client needs.

This is something that is vital to the line of work that I do.  Without this, I’m screwed.

So in the end I went back to Windows XP Pro.  Tried and trusted, it just works.  It’s old, outdated, Microsoft is going to cancel support for it but it works.  Windows 7 has come a long way from Vista.  It blows Vista out of the water and for those who say that Windows 7 is Vista, you are dead wrong.  Dead.  WRONG.  It is nothing like Vista.  It is a hundred times faster, snappier, zipper, however you want to describe it, just please don’t call it Vista SP3 or Vista, period.

But anyways, I could go on and on about this and I really should save it for another post.

Until then, adios, have a great day!