I uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

I uninstalled KIS 2010 on both my home computer as well as my work bench.  2010 just hogs way too much resources.  For one, the Win 7 64-bit with 8GB of memory slowed down enough so that I felt it was no longer worth having Kaspersky on it.  Kaspersky, don’t get me wrong, is an awesome antivirus program to have and run.  It gets the job done but it isn’t doing it optimally.  It is doing exactly what Norton used to do: BOG your system down.  My system should run extremely quick, with Internet Explorer tabs opening up less than a second (which it does now with Kaspersky removed).  Instead I was waiting roughly 2-3 seconds for a tab to open.

This is not acceptable.

People on the Kaspersky forum indicated that Java plays a factor with the slow downs.  The thing is, this computer doesn’t even have Java installed.  There is no Java!  So pray tell, what might be causing this slow down?  It’s Kaspersky’s bloody software.  It’s just bloated like every other major piece of software out there today.

At least Norton got the point.  It took many years though.  It took them, I believe, almost 10 years for them to get their stuff together.

Now don’t get me wrong, up until KIS2009, it was great.  Although KIS2009 did slow my system down just a TAD.  Not enough for me to be bothered.

I just cannot have a slow system with the system specs that I have.  I want to compare this to having a great body, lifting weights, working out, but yet being confined to a wheel chair.  That’s how it feels.  You just can’t do anything with the power, strength, and massive amount of CPU cycles that are available to you.

I have been following the complaints over at the Kaspersky forum for the past few days.  I hope that they figure it out and release some type of patch.  I’d hate to have to wait until 2011 just for a new version of KIS to work out the kinks.

In the mean time, at work, I installed Microsoft’s Security Essentials.  It feels much lighter than Kaspersky, obviously, but at the same time I did feel a slight performance hit.

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