Intel to ALL: NO USB 3.0 for YOU! until 2011…

So Intel is holding back on implementing USB 3.0 into their motherboards (chipsets).  They’re claiming that they have too much stuff on their plate for them to even think about doing it.  The thing is, USB 3.0 is the next logical step forward from USB 2.0.  We all know what USB 2.0 is and was.  It was the step above 1.0 and a step below Firewire.

With USB 3.0, it blows Firewire out of the water with ease with transfer rates up to SuperSpeed 4.8Gbit/s.  That is some amazing amount of bandwidth being pushed through such a tiny little cable.

Unfortunately for us, we won’t see it for another 2 years.  That’s a pretty long wait considering how slow USB 2.0 is and that there is no other standard coming through to see the light of day.  Well there is, actually.  And it is being pushed from Intel heavily.  It is called light peak which will use a fiber optic connection to push an even more amazing amount of bandwidth through a stand of fiber.

Is this the reason why Intel is delaying USB 3.0?  People are guessing that it is.  We won’t know for sure but if you need to have your USB 3.0 now, 3rd party chipset manufacturers are already including them with some motherboards.

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