Dell extended warranty for problematic nVidia based mobile chipsets

Has your Dell recently died with symptoms of the ability to turn on but no display being shown?  You may have encountered the dreaded mobile nVidia chipset problem!  Nvidia has several chipsets, specially I believe the 8400 and the 8600 although I have heard of other series being affected too, in which the chipset or video card overheats and dies.  Supposedly it’s the solder points on the actual video card that is being lifted off of the motherboard and in doing so is causing there to be no display.

There are a few main series of laptops that are being affected by this extended warranty.

Dell Product Name

Dell Precision M2300

Latitude D630

Vostro Notebook 1400

Dell Precision M4300

Latitude D630c

Vostro Notebook 1510

Dell Precision M65

Latitude D820

Vostro Notebook 1710

Inspiron 1420

Latitude D830

XPS M1330

Latitude D620

Vostro Notebook 1310

XPS M1530

If you’ve any of the above listed laptops, stick around to find out more.  It appears that Dell is in its infancy stages with setting this program up.  If you need more info. feel free to check out their direct2dell blog.

It appears that nVidia’s head honcho has confirmed why the chips are failing.  Like I mentioned, there are solder points on the video card which hold it in place on the motherboard.  Apparently the unit gets so hot the solder points melt and they lift off of the motherboard.  In doing so, it no longer makes proper contact, thus, the display of the laptop no longer works properly.

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