Is nVidia leaving the chipset market?

It seems like rumors have been flying that nVidia, maker of some of the best video cards on the market, is leaving the motherboard chipset race.  It seems to be related to the dozens of problems that have recently arisen.  Almost all if not all of their 8×00 series chipsets have serious flaws with overheating. 

I witnessed a lot of the problems first hand with the HP notebooks that I reported about earlier.  This is a very widespread problems and is going to cost nVidia a lot of money to fix the situation.

I originally purchased the first nVidia nForce 1 chipset motherboard for my I believe it was a T-Bird AMD processor.  This thing was amazing.  It has an onboard Geforce MX video card and onboard SoundForce (I think it was called this) sound.  Every single computer that I’ve personally build has had an nVidia based chipset.  That’s how loyal I am to this company.  So it definitely saddens me to hear that they may be leaving the business of motherboard chipsets.

I don’t blame them though.  Could you imagine having to sort through hundreds of thousands of problems related to problematic chipsets?  That would definitely suck.  I can see how HP or Dell or whichever else OEM used these chipsets in their notebooks would be upset.  The blowback from the consumers is and will be harsh.

You can read more about the possible exit here.

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