RIP Windows XP

Well, not necessarily.  Windows XP will still be around, it’s just that it is no longer being sold.  However, people are stating that Windows XP copies will still be floating around.  I haven’t heard much if they’ll be marked up since they’re going to pretty much turn into collectors items.

Not really for collecting but just the fact that Vista sucks, and the majority of the customers, especially business customers know it and want to stick with XP.  This means trying to find multiple copies and licenses since most businesses have hundreds if not thousands of computers.

Microsoft will support Windows XP until 2014.  That’s quite some time but that is a big difference between support and make available Windows XP.  If you were considering getting a new computer with XP, try to do it ASAP.  Don’t wait as you may find out that you’re stuck with Vista.

I can assure you, Vista blows.  It’s the same exact operating system that Windows ME was.  The same type of problems, slow downs, random weird crashes, “not responding” messages constantly barraging you due to the fact that it can’t seem to process all that data.  Not to mention the stupid UAC security.  I honestly haven’t seen it help.  I have seen countless computers come through the shop that have Vista on it and still being infected with viruses and spyware.

Sure a message pop ups saying do you want to allow this program access or do you want to allow this program to install?  All people are going to do is say yes.  Who are they to know that this program is bad?  That’s all it takes is a simple click to say yes, install me, I want you, and UAC has no idea that this program that UAC just allowed to install is a virus or a piece of spyware.

Bah, I’m tired and getting sleepy.  I’ll be back to rant more about Vista later.  For now, it’s time to enjoy the weekend.