I’ve been having problems at home with my 2405 Dell monitor. I have been noticing myself having to squint after a short period of time while being on the computer. This lead me to believe that I did not have adequate lighting. I do have a kitchen light that shines at an angle; however, the light is quite harsh and not meant for this type of activity.

In the past, I’ve looked at the OTT-Lites at Office Depot. I went to Office Depot and picked up the activity light. It’s about 4′ high and gives just enough lighting for my entire computer desk area. I think one more on the other side would be beneficial.

I’ve noticed that I no longer start to squint immediately after a few minutes of reading on the computer. I also notice that I’m able to finish an article a lot easier. For some reason, perhaps due to the lighting situation, I could never really finish an article. I’d be quick to close it out and just go on to something else. I’m also learning to blink a lot more as well lol. My eyes have progressively gotten worse since I was in high school.

Perhaps LASIK is in store for me?

Anyhow, I just want to say if you’re looking for a new light, try the OTT-Lites. They are amazing and worth every penny.