Extra PCs lying around

I am finally making use of my extra Dell PC that I had lying around. I installed XP Pro onto it and also installed VMWare Workstation. I just installed Ubuntu last night and plan on installing a lot more virtual machines.

I really want to get up to date with Windows Server and how to break/configure/fix the OS. There’s no future in just fixing PCs all day long, that’s my honest opinion. Eventually you have to evolve or fall off and find some other mediocre job. I plan to do the former and get up to date with whatever network topologies I need to. That being said, I really want to take the Network+ exam. The only bad thing is it’s quite the penny. Maybe I should set a goal of taking and passing it by the year’s end.

There are a lot of changes coming up to my work schedule so I don’t know if that’s even possible but if it is, I’ll be sure to at least attempt it.

Nothing much going on at the shop, just the normal spyware/virus removal. I highly recommend not opening any attachments from anyone that claims to be either a greeting card or an e-mail stating that you signed up for a user name and password. Those are making the rounds right now and are pretty nasty.