Dell’s new Inspiron line of laptops

I really think Dell dropped the ball with their new line of Inspiron laptops. I think they honestly look ugly. When you view the laptop from the front and you see the middle bottom portion of the laptop, it seems like it has a weird contour. It’s really weird looking. I was reading a comparison between an HP and the Inspiron over at and you can easily see the difference between the two.

Now when has that stopped someone from buying something as they prefer form over function? I don’t know but if you watch people the way they buy cars, they don’t immediately go for the Volvo straight away for the safety features now do they?

I think the aesthetics plays a huge role in a buyer’s perspective. I know for a fact that most of the stuff under the hood of the Inspiron is great in many ways (C2D processor, etc.). But their new makeover has me giving the Inspiron second thoughts; although I honestly haven’t a clue who I would invest my money in if I had the opportunity to purchase a new laptop.

I may give their XPS line a try. It’s a tad bit pricier but the look still resembles the older Inspirons that they discontinued.

Why oh why do they play with the looks? Can’t they get some beta testers or leak some pictures or something in order to get some feedback? I think that’s the number one failure for most companies who try to release “new” versions of their products. They don’t test the waters with people before releasing it.

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