Two pairs of Crucial Ballistix DDR1 PC4000 memory down the drain

So it’s come that time again to have to RMA not one but two sets of Crucial Ballistix memory. They BOTH share the same exact symptoms. How coincidental is that? Both computers are almost exactly the same as far as configurations go and both are connected to a APC BR1500 UPS 24/7 with automatic shutdown enabled.

First things first, the part numbers and all that jazz, in case you want to cross reference this post with an issue you’re having are:

Crucial Ballistix

Batch: CL1117C.HZ
PN: 72897

Crucial Ballistix Tracer

Batch: CL1117F.CZ
PN: 72896

My symptoms were as follows:

Unit turned off on its own, random shut down.
Upon attempting to turn the unit back on, no POST at all.
Removing the memory and leaving ONE stick in, system POSTs.
Putting other stick in, system does not POST.
Installed another set of 2x1GB Kingston memory into both slots and system POSTs (this is how I ruled out bad motherboard memory slots).

The above symptoms happened not once but TWICE! Both to my work box and my home box. That pissed me off to no end! At home I have a 120mm Panaflo fan blowing constantly on the memory. This in turn keeps the memory extremely cool. I could have it stress testing, turn the computer off, touch the memory and it isn’t even warm.

Second, my work box, this box is again connected to a UPS along with being housed in a room that has a/c 24/7.

I’ve already submitted my request for my first set but now I’m going to have to get another. This is annoying to say the least but I do love Crucial memory.

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