DVD software that spans data across several DVDs

I am surprised that no such software exists. I have searched high and low through many forums as well as Google and have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t a particular piece of software, including Nero, that will automatically take data given to it and span it across multiple DVDs (without it being in a proprietary format).

I often times backup clients’ data onto DVDs but more often than not the data amount exceeds just one DVD. So, that leaves me with opening Nero, putting in the data, trying to remember where I last cut it off so that I can open a new session once this one is done and then start again and this is an endless cycle until all the data has been burnt onto DVDs.

I’ve tried Nero BackUp but it backs everything up onto DVDs in a proprietary format. Proprietary meaning that unless YOU have the BackUp software installed you won’t be able to read the DVDs.

I would love to have a program that you could throw say 1.5GB of data and just tell the program okay, be done with it, go ahead, start, presto, abra cadambra! Then, it will fill up 4.7GB or whatever amount it deems necessary to almost fil the DVD completely and then burn it. Then, after it’s done, it will take the rest of the data that needs to be burnt, partition it off and then ask me to insert another DVD until it’s completely done.

I mean you would think that something like this exists but apparently it doesn’t. If I had the skills I’d make it myself but I’m just a hobbyist.

Anyways, if you come across this article and you know of a program that works 100% all the time without room for much error, please post a comment or contact me and let me know.

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