Virtualization the way of the future

I am writing this while I also have VMWare server going and in it I am installing Windows 98. The reason why I am doing this is that a client came in today and said he had an issue with his Windows 98 box. He then told me that he believes his hard drive is failing; I believe every single word he told me. I then informed him that due to the age of the unit that it is not worth fixing at all. First things first, his reply was I have a printer and a scanner that only works with Windows 98. I was tempted to say to get rid of both of those items and start from scratch. However, I remembered someone talking about running Windows 98 in a virtual machine and using it that way. So, I am here right now trying to do just that. I am going to see if I can install printers, scanners, faxes, etc just as quick or easy and if it runs just as quick and easy as it being on a Windows 98 box.

Wish me luck, I will post my progress. If you’re interested in trying this out, you can get a free virtualization software over at You will need to register with your information, name, address, etc. and you can then download the VMWare server software (FREE VERSION). You will also need legitimate media like the Windows 98/2000 install CD and a CD-Key. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I will try to address them to the best of my ability.