Ad-Aware 2007 coming soon

Every time I install Ad-Aware on a client’s computer I notice during the update portion it says that they are currently beta testing a new version of Ad-Aware. Sure enough, it looks like they have a July launch date.

If you don’t know what Ad-Aware is, it is an antispyware program that I believe inspired many others to join the antispyware game. I recall many years ago of having a computer that had multiple pop ups and viruses. I was referred by a tech forum to download and install Ad-Aware. At that time, when spyware was in its infancy stages, I was able to use Ad-Aware and Ad-Aware ONLY and this took care of the entire spyware problem. As we all know, spyware creators have become much more evil and have learned many ways to bypass Ad-Aware’s once effective cleaning methods. Then came along Spybot Search and Destroy and then the rest is history. Many others came out and brought newer and stronger packages to the front lines of this huge and nasty battle [Editor’s note, I really like Spy Sweeper].

Apparently the new version of Ad-Aware is updated and supposedly packs a nice punch. I hope so, as their once great antispyware software is now relegated to being one of the most recognized but probably the least effective. I’m for anything that battles spyware though, that’s for sure.

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