Why isn’t there a competitor to Western Digital’s Raptor?

With Hitachi releasing the first 1000GB or 1TB hard drive, I sit here pondering why hasn’t there been any competition in the extreme performance/gaming market with the Western Digital Raptor? Since 2003 Western Digital has been the only company to market a 10,000RPM hard drive to the enthusiast crowd. Well actually it was first introduced to the high-end server market but eventually found its way into the high-end desktop/gaming community. Why would anyone want a 10kRPM hard drive in the first place? Well, most home user hard drives spin at 7200RPM. Those 2800 extra RPMs add quite a bit of kick to a computer. That 2800 RPMs mean faster start up times, faster loading of game maps and textures.

Now why aren’t other hard drive manufacturers like Seagate or Hitachi breaking into this particular niche? My only guess is that they believe that it is just not profitable. Well duh McFly, I’m sure some of you have just slapped your foreheads thinking the same thing. However, from an enthusiasts view, I think and feel more selection is better for all of us, don’t you think? I can wish and hope that Seagate or Hitachi eventually breaks into this market.