Gateway MX7515 series notebook driving me insane!

Alright here we go. I have a Gateway MX7515 laptop here that had a bad motherboard. I got another motherboard and whenever I put the bare components in to test to see if the unit will even POST, nothing happens. Well something happens and this is what it does:

It will turn on per the status light indicating the motherboard is receiving power. The light will stay on for a while then shut off and then turn back on and stay on.

When I am doing this, I have the following connected:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Power switch
  • Sometimes I have the hard drive
  • Sometimes if the HDD is connected, I can hear the HDD powering on for a brief moment and then it will shut down (this is when the status light also turns off).

I’ve already returned one motherboard for doing the same exact thing. I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong but I’ve never had this many problems with a laptop motherboard swap. I mean this thing is driving me insane. It really shouldn’t be this hard. It’s really just swap parts, put it back together, turn it on and all should be well – in this case, it is not.

This is where you come in. I’m hoping someone has experience with the MX series notebook and swapping out the motherboard and or components. It’s quite possible that something is missing like the keyboard and mouse have to be connected in order for the unit to boot properly and or I am missing something entirely. This again is where you come in. I hope you guys can lead me in the right direction. I know my stuff like the back of my hand and I’ve researched Google through and through and could not find anything. I hope that someone here has messed with this particular series (MX7515) and can help me! If so, please write to me!

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