HP 1200 LaserJet problem: Printer tries to feed three times and then jams

I have an HP 1200 LaserJet which is about five or six years old.  I have had no problems with it whatsoever but recently it has been out of service due to it trying to print and then jamming.  Here is what happens:  I go to print, it feeds one paper.  Then while it is feeding the paper it attempts to feed another sheet three times.  You can hear the mechanism for the sheet feeder and see it lift up three times before finally trying to load another sheet which ends up jamming the printer completely.  In order to remove the jam I have to PULL the paper out from the upper portion where the print normally comes out from.

I did some research and found this but after attempting to push or straighten out the Mylar sheet it still didn’t work.  In fact, the Mylar sheet was so brittle that it ended up cracking in some areas.  Even after fiddling with it for several minutes I could not get it to print without jamming.  I honestly tossed it up and was going to cut my losses but I have a feeling it’s something simple and it may have to do with this Mylar piece that can possibly easily be replaced.  I was going to give up and purchase an entirely new LaserJet but my gut tells me this is fixable.

If I can figure out what is wrong with it and how I fixed it, I’ll report back.  Otherwise, if you have some feedback you can send me some via the comments.


Apparently it is due to the black Mylar strip which is connected to the entire feed assembly.  Thus, I need to either replace that entire part of the printer or buy a new one.  I’m going to opt to go with a new one.  I plan on getting the HP P2015DN with duplexer built in.  I will update everyone when this bad boy arrives.