M3 DS Simply review

What is the M3 DS Simply?  It is a flash based cart that fits into slot 1 of the Nintendo DS Lite.  What can you do with this?  You can play backups and homebrew games as well as turn your DS Lite into media center by playing movies and music via this M3 Simply card.

How does it work?  I honestly cannot explain the intricacies that would delve deep into some type of electrical engineering stuff but in layman’s terms, it bypasses the DS Lite’s security system so that you can play backups and homebrew games via this slot 1 card.  It’s similar in nature to having a modded PS2 or Xbox.  You can play backups on both and with the latter you can play an entire slew of multimedia content on your television without the need of connecting a PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition.

What comes with the M3 DS Simply?  Well it comes with the M3 DS Simply CD which includes the firmware you need to put onto your microsd card.  It also includes a microsd USB adapter so that you can load your homebrew and media files onto the microsd card.

What will you need?  You will need your DS Lite, a microsd card and a computer so that you can transfer the files to and from your DS.

My honest thoughts and opinions:  I have played with the M3 DS Simply for about a week now.  I received it last week and have had the chance to play several roms and backups.  I can honestly say that I am extremely satisfied.  I have not encountered any problems or roms that would not play properly.  It gives you the ability to save games onto the microsd card.  You can have up to as many games as you’d like given the microsd expandability.  My wife has taken the DS to work for a day to use it as an mp3 player to listen to music through her speakers.  It worked wonders for that and that is another reason to own this M3 DS Simply card.

I plan to buy one for my little brother as well.  Homebrew alone is well worth the cost of this card.  I mean I spent roughly $100 on everything total not including the DS Lite and it will in the long run pay for itself ten times over.