My DS Lite arrived… broken

It’s broken.  Yes my DS Lite arrived but it is broken.  It has a hard time reading the cartridges and it also freezes more often than not while trying to play a game.

I researched a little online, asked a few forums if this was the norm and sure enough, it isn’t.  I already submitted my return request via the online retailer and just my luck, they don’t have any left in stock so there is no way they can send me a replacement.  Instead, they will refund me my money and give me a $5.00 gift certificate.  How sweet.  I’m just going to have to wait until I see it in stock again.  Perhaps it’s a better bet if I buy it locally, that way I don’t have to mess with sending it in the mail to be returned if it comes broken again.


I just thought I’d update this and let everyone know that my DS did not actually arrive broken and that it was the carts I was trying to use that were actually broken.

I went out that same night and bought two games from Game Stop.  I put each one in and each one turned on and played fine.  They both did not show symptoms of “no DS cart inserted” and again played without a hitch.