Plextor DVDRW drives has gone down hill

My second Plextor DVDRW drive bit the dust.  I don’t know how long it’s been dead but the symptoms are: It can write to DVDs and CDs but it cannot read any DVDs or CDs.  I ended up contacting Plextor support via the telephone after I could not find anything about my problem online.

There is a diagnostic mode that I still have not tried but I suspect the worst; the drive is already dead.  I have bought nothing but Plextors these past years.  I guess you could call me a Plextor snob.  I was introduced to Plextor many years ago.  Their CDRW drives were impeccable, in destructive, they’d last for years.  Now, not so sure.  Their DVD drives did not follow the same suit.

I have a Plextor 716SA at home and a Plextor 716AL here at work.  Both are dead.  I’m disappointed but not totally surprised.  Plextor even got out of the optical drive market… well rather not completely out but they are no longer going to be making optical drives.  They’ll instead opt for rebadging their devices.  That means other optical drive makers such as Lite-On and Sony may be creating the actual technology inside the drive but Plextor is going to just slap their name on it and try to sell it that way.

I’ve been doing some research and people have been saying that BenQ is the next best thing but the only thing is, they’ve also gone out of the optical drive market.  The only real players left are I believe Lite-On, Samsung and maybe Sony.  I guess it makes sense, DVDRW drives are about EOL (end of life) to make room for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

I guess since those two technologies are still in its infancy still yet I didn’t even bother to think about that.  I don’t see the two technologies devices going down in price to where it’s feasible for the average consumer.  I’m talking about sub-$100-$200 dollar drives being the norm when in reality it’s actually the anomaly.  Currently BR drives go for around $1000-$800.00, with $800 being the lowest I’ve ever seen it.

Anyhow, if you were planning on going with a Plextor, you may want to think about that idea and go with another brand.

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