Bad Microsoft IntelliPoint 6.01 interaction

First and foremost, I posted about this quite some time ago in regards to the IntelliPoint 6.01 software causing a repaint of the screen in many different applications.  Most notably while using Outlook and Outlook Express.  Not only that but Photoshop and many other programs have been reported to be affected by this bug.

Microsoft is trying to pass it off as a video card driver issue when it actually has to deal solely with the IntelliPoint software.  Once you kill off ipoint.exe the issue no longer appears.  I’ve had this happen to me on computers that were running onboard video by Intel, ATI as well as nVidia.  This is not video card specific as Microsoft wants to assert.

Now the reason I’m bringing this back up is due to the lack of discussion going on around the web.  I found a thread in the Microsoft.public.mshardware.product newsgroup entitled the same as this blog post.  The date of the post started on 12/3/06 and the latest entry is by me, on 2/14/07.

Again, I would like to reiterate that there is a huge bug with the IntelliPoint 6.01 software.  What you may experience is basically seeing the screen flash roughly three times.  What the flash looks like is as though the screen is refreshing itself over and over again.

You may be wondering why people are complaining about it, well let me tell you why.  It’s an extremely annoying bug.  Whenever you switch to a certain program, you’ll see the screen refresh for roughly 3-5 seconds.  Once you switch away and go back, the same thing happens again.  This is the only way I can describe the problem, I’m sure there are others who can define it better than I can.  If others can explain it in more detailed text, please do so in the comments and I will update this post to include your information, please include your name and contact info if possible.

I know for a fact that there have been a few people from the mshardware newsgroup in direct talks with MS tech support.  They were even supposedly referred to the programmers for the IntelliPoint software.  So far the only conclusive thing they can agree on, which again I think is wrong, is that the bug is due to video card drivers.  I have not seen any updates as far as this is concerned.  This is my main reason to bringing it to the front page again.

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