Gateway MX6440 notebook modem and sound driver problem

I was working on a Gateway MX6440 series laptop and I had to do a clean install.  After installing Windows I did the normal routine, try to install the drivers.  I normally hit the homepage of the laptop manufacturer to get the most current and legit drivers.  I found all but two drivers.  The audio and the modem driver did not work.

The audio driver, come to find out, is a two step process.  First you have to download the Realtek driver and then once you do that you have to download the ATI sound bridge driver.  Next, the dial-up modem driver.  No matter what I did I could not get the driver to load.  I finally gave up and contacted Gateway’s chat tech support.  The tech support agent took control of the unit and eventually went to an unofficial EMachine/Gateway website which listed all the drivers.  I was then able to download a driver pack that included the modem driver.  Once I did that, ran the executable, the driver installed fine.  Here is the driver pack in case you need it.

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