Alienware sucks, Gateway sucks, Acer sucks

I hate these brands: Alienware, Acer, Gateway, and any other generic name brand computer company that does not make their spare parts easily accessible for technicians like myself to order.

I had an Alienware computer in the shop and it required the recovery CDs.  I found out that they do not sell the recovery discs to anyone except for the original owner.  If you sold your laptop, which is very common, they do not sell it to the third party, you would have to contact whoever you bought the laptop from and then have them ask/request for the recovery CDs.  That is a major pain.  Why is it a major pain?  Say for instance you bought the laptop on  You don’t even know who that person is.  This person may or may not have the time for you to get on the phone/Internet and try and contacting someone from Alienware and have them send them a set of recovery discs.

So what do you do?  Give up I guess.  I suggest just buying a laptop brand new, forget about buying second hand unless you plan on purchasing a Dell, HP, Compaq or Sony.  Those are the four major brands that make their parts easily accessible to technicians or anyone for that matter who is interested in replacing broken parts.

Acer, this company sucks.  I will NEVER, recommend any of their products to anyone I know, ever.  Their website/support is shit.  I can’t stand their website.  It’s as though they’re hosting their website off of dial-up.  Come on, a company with such a big name as Acer can afford to have a decent website.  Downloading drivers at speeds of 5KBps is NOT acceptable, at all.  This is 2007 for crying out loud, not 1982.

Just in case you ever need parts, these are a few sites I visit: Part SurferSpare Parts Warehouse and last but not least, eBay.