Sony PCV-V100G disassembly

I’m changing a screen out on a Sony PCV-V100G.  I plan on documenting each and everything that I do.  This particular computer is a complex one to get down to the bare bones.  It’s an all-in-one computer that houses the monitor (LCD), computer and keyboard in one casing or housing.  I’ll update this post with pictures and step by step instructions.


I have successfully removed the broken LCD screen.  It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  I did have a few problems though.  I ran into one screw in which I stripped a little but eventually got it loose and I’m fairly certain that you may encounter the same problem too.  I’ll let you know which one it is.

I have a bunch of pictures that I took 1) to remind me how to put it back together but also for some of you who may be daring to try this yourself.

Update #2:

I’m a little disappointed with myself, well I should say very disappointed with myself.  It was easy to take apart and even though I thought I took enough pictures to help me put it back together, I did not.  I had the hardest time trying to put everything back together.  My main worry was turning my camera on and off in hopes of saving my battery.  Next time I’ll be prepared with two batteries as well as my charger.

I must say, this PCV-V100G is something that you really don’t wish to work on on a normal basis.  This thing has to be in the right position in order for the connectors to plug into their respective holes.

I will take much more pictures next time.  My pictures I took aren’t even sufficient enough to post here to help you take it apart and put it back together.

DLJKDSFSHIT! is how I am feeling.

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