Uninstalling McAfee antivirus

I’m trying to uninstall this trial from a brand new Toshiba laptop and once I try to uninstall it it says that McAfee antivirus is still running, please exit out of that and try again.

I close the program in the system tray.  I try again, still telling me that there is a problem with the antivirus still running.  I try ctrl-alt-del to see if I can kill off the process, guess what happens?  I kill off a few McAfee processes and it locks the computer up.  I fucking hate McAfee.  They are much worse than Symantec.  At least Symantec lets you remove their piece of shit software.  McAfee is like really anti-intuitive.  It’s a POS.  Don’t buy it.  If you really insist on buying a suite of programs which include a firewall, buy Microsoft’s OneCare.  I’ve been using this thing for roughly one year, ever since the closed beta began and let me tell you, it’s much nicer than the bloated crap McAfee and Symantec puts on your computers.

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