Black Friday 2006: Coming Soon!

To those lucky enough to actually have some money saved up for this up and coming Black Friday, I present to you,

If you don’t already know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, the day when most stores start off their holiday sales events.  The twist is, on Black Fridays, most retailers offer a one day sale on certain items.  Last year I recall Wal-Mart selling a laptop for around $300.00.  The laptop wasn’t the greatest but for someone like your family member who is just in high school or will use it solely for web surfing and word processing, it was more than enough.

This year, I haven’t really found any good deals yet although I know they exist.  I don’t have money hence the reason why I haven’t really found anything great.  I always tell myself next year, save save save so that I can cash in on Black Friday.  I’m sure some of you will and I hope that this link to Black Friday Ads will help you with your shopping this year.