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I just signed up for  This new site pays bloggers to review certain products or services.  First things first, with Review Me, they do require that you disclose that your review post is an actual paid review – no more being discreet.  If you’re interested in utilizing this service with your blog, sign up here.

There are a few guidelines you have to follow, your review must be two hundred words in length and like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you have to state that you are posting a paid review.

I was actually referred to through  It was on their front page on November 11, 2006.  According to the Digg posting, there were quite a number of people who did not get accepted into the Review Me program.  I believe they base their criteria on your blog’s Alexa ranking, and the amount of subscribers as well as traffic.

The Review Me site is very intuitive, easy to navigate through and very easy to use.  This is something totally new to me, although I do use various other methods of online advertising this is a first.  It looks and seems very promising though.  If you’re interested, I definitely recommend giving Review Me a try.  It doesn’t hurt to try, does it?

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