For some odd reason or another, the people who I’ve spoke with who have the IntelliPoint 6.0 software installed cannot re-create the bug I am experiencing.  I know it’s a bug as I have a unit here that has a fresh install of Windows XP Pro with SP2 and I am able to re-create it without any problems.

Here is the easiest way I can explain how to re-create the bug.

Make sure you have IntelliPoint 6.0 installed and running.  You can check by checking task manager for ipoint.exe.  Next, have Excel and Outlook Express open.  It would help if you have an Excel document that has stuff in it already including colors and all that jazz.  The issue with Outlook Express will work better if you have a few items going down the side bar.  I have attached pictures for reference of where to keep an eye out.

Now have either of the two programs opened and maximized.  Now, switch from Outlook Express or any other program you may have open and then go to Excel.  Make sure Excel is maximized and you’re looking at this portion of the screen:

IntelliPoint 6.0 bug!!!

Now count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.  At or around 7 or possibly 8, you should see the side bar blink and refresh.  If you did not see it, try it again by switching to another program momentarily and then switching back to Excel and keep an eye on that area again.  You WILL see it.