Dell now offering 15″ and 14″ notebooks w/Intel’s new Core 2 Duo processor

As of Monday, Dell started offering their 17″ and XPS lineup of notebooks with the option of upgrading to the new Intel Merom Core 2 Duo processor.  Merom is a little different than Conroe as the former is strictly for the notebook side of things whereas Conroe is made for the desktop market.

Dell’s most recent 20% off $999.99 has not yet expired but ran out of its use due to having a 4000 use limit.

I’ll be waiting for the next coupon hopefully in the next few days.  The prices are not as bad as I expected them to be.  I thought that since they were introducing their new processors that they would jack the prices up tremendously.  Especially since when a new processor comes out, that seems to be when most people tend to buy (if they know that a new processor is coming out).  Thus supply and demand kicks in and when the demand gets higher than the supply then obviously, the price goes up.

I cancelled my last 17″ order because of Merom being so close.  Also I read about constant issues with backlight bleeding.  The thing is, I’m just going to have to take a chance and see what I get.  I’m contemplating getting the Complete Care warranty for like $100.00 more added to the total.  I’m very glad I waited.  Otherwise I would be stuck with a 17″ laptop with an older model processor when all I had to do was be a little patient and wait a week.