IE7 RC1 Links toolbar bug still exists

Another bug still in IE7 RC1.  They partially fixed the bug where if you have a folder within the Links folder with favorites in them, you can now re-order the sites any way you want exactly how it should be however, if the folder you have your sites in are not 100% visible all the time meaning that your entire toolbar is filled with favorites yet you still have some and they are not shown unless you click on the >> which is all the way to the right of the toolbar, then the bug still exists.  If you try to put a folder there, which I have, and you click on >> and then have the folder expand and attempt to re-arrange the favorites in there, you’re not going to be able to do it.

I’m fairly certain this bug is easily fixable as the IE team fixed the last bug relatively quickly after figuring out what really was going on.  I’ve already bugged it in Connect.  I hope that they fix it as even though it’s relatively minor where it doesn’t really interfere with people’s browsing habits (well actually it does) it’s still a big annoyance to many people who fill their entire Links toolbar with favorites.

Again, I have the bug located here:  If you don’t mind and you have a Microsoft Passport, would you take some time to 1. Validate the bug and 2. Vote for it so that the MS team will take a look at it?  Thanks!