BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes part II

GSP pulled out of his rematch against Hughes due to a groin injury.  Who better to face Matt Hughes for his so called title?  Why BJ Penn of course.  Local Hawaii born BJ Penn will step back into the Octagon to face Matt Hughes for a second time.  BJ Penn dominated Matt Hughes in just a few minutes of round number one.  He took Matt’s back and sunk in a nice rear naked choke to end the fight and to become the new welterweight world champion.  BJ Penn had some controversy and left to go fight in the K1 organization where he rounded up a few more wins under his belt.  He eventually got stripped of his title for being the UFC champion and fighting in another organization.  He found his way back to the UFC just recently and had an exciting fight with none other than GSP.  You can say what you want but I say BJ won that fight fairly squarely.  He was not dominated and the only reason why he lost was due to stupid rulings of the UFC.  Take downs = points.  BJ got taken down but did not get held down nor did GSP do any damage to BJ while he had BJ down.

Enough of that.  I’m just ecstatic that BJ gets another chance to reclaim what is truly his, the welterweight belt.  The big difference between his last fight with Hughes and this one is that he had more time to train properly.  However, there has been word that BJ was already training to go down to the 155lbs weight class which is what most people would call his natural weight.  So, I’m going to go out on a whim here and say that BJ is going to come in at phenomenal shape and be at his A game for this upcoming fight.

Has Matt Hughes evolved from his last fight with BJ?  Was it lack of motivation that made him lose his fight to BJ?  Has BJ evolved from his fight with Matt?  Well we will certainly find out on September 23rd, 2006 at the Lost Angeles Staples Center when BJ collides with Matt one more time to find out who is the real champion.

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