Break Squad

Just a few days ago I was participating in this online message board in which someone had asked why Best Buy’s Geek Squad was so widely used.  I informed them that it’s all due to marketing and branding.  You see, Best Buy has millions of dollars to outshine the little guy (mom & pop) stores with beautiful advertising and stupid little cars that say let me fix your ‘puter!

Some people learn the hard way, some people get by with their services.  I don’t know how either of the two happen but it just does.

Case in point.  I had a client bring in an HP unit.  They said Best Buy diagnosed it with a bad motherboard.  I booted the unit up and it booted into Windows.  Just by seeing it do that and with no noticeable quirks or issues arising throughout the boot process I told them that we’d re-check the system to make sure it wasn’t something other than the motherboard.  Sure enough, come to find out, it was just a bad stick of memory causing their problems.  Now you see, if they would have let Best Buy repair the problem they would have to have gone out and bought a brand new proprietary HP motherboard which would have costed them probably at least $2-300 dollars alone.  That is not including the labor which they may or may not have already paid for.

Anyhow, check out this article regarding Worst Buy’s Break Squad.

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