Microsoft 4000 Natural Ergonomic keyboard part 4

So I decided to buy this keyboard, again.  This is my third or fourth time purchasing the same keyboard.  I’ve returned it all the times that I’ve purchased it just because it didn’t feel the way I like my keyboards to feel.  Yes, picky, I know.  I’ve been using the second Wireless Natural Multimedia keyboard that I bought due to the softness of the keys however the newer models are now made exactly like this 4000 model.  So, I said why not just invest in the 4000 since it feels the exact same as the wireless keyboard I’m using.  If I’m going to get used to it, I might as well get the wired 4000.

So here I am with the 4000.  It does feel a tad bit softer than the last one I owned.  I’m going to stick with this one for I don’t know how long but I’m sure for at least a year or two unless it breaks down.

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