IOGear MiniView USB KVM switch arrived

So I received the IOGear KVM switch.  The build quality of it is really sturdy.  It comes with four 6-feet cables and the various cards for registering your product.

I am at home right now so I can’t test it on more than one box but I was surprised to find out that after plugging my mouse and keyboard receiver into the KVM and then plugging the KVM into my nForce 4 chipset motherboard, that the keyboard and mouse worked like normal.  Something froze up and I could only move the mouse and then eventually froze the entire computer up.  I’m pretty sure it’s due to the incompatibility with the nForce 4 chipset.

I’ve bought a USB 2.0 hub to alleviate the problem.  That should be arriving in another few days.  I’ll be able to fully test this KVM when I go in to work tomorrow.  I will report back in this post what I find and if it’s any better than the Belkin KVM switch I’m using right now.

Here’s hoping that it will be much better and a great improvement over the Belkin!