Shipping to Hawaii

You know what annoys the crap out of me? Shipping to Hawaii. For those of you, probably the majority, shipping to your house from anywhere in the continental USA is a breeze. You order something online, qualify for free shipping, receive your item a few days later. For us here in Hawaii, it’s an entirely different story. We are not eligible for any type of free shipping except for a few select places. My biggest gripe is with Yes, their prices were and sometimes still are unbeatable but, shipping is a huge concern of mine. I mean, try buying a case from them and living in Hawaii, there goes $150.00 on 2nd day air via UPS! That is insane! $150.00 for shipping on a case! I mean yes, I know you have to go over massive amounts of ocean to get here but still, that is just way too expensive. If only there was some type of underwater tunnel in which packages could be shipped to and from. Just like how there are fiber optics spanning from Hawaii to Japan and then on to California. Now that would be something. I can dream, can’t I?

You’re probably thinking, LOL, you live in Hawaii for goodness sakes! Who cares about computers, who cares about shipping, you have beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery and yes beautiful men and woman. Well first of all, if you lived here your entire life, 24 years, you will eventually get bored of the scenery, bored of the pointless things to do and yes even bored of the eye candy. Then you move on to things like hobbies which interest and entertain you. My hobbies, computers. I’m just random ranting hence my blog’s title, Random Fix. Hope you’re all having a great day and take care of yourselves.