All in? Or all out?

You’re not going to be allowed to use a credit card to wager online bets.  A vote went through the House and it was agreed upon that they want to outlaw online gambling, or at least put a stop to it.

Ever since the World Series of Poker started to get really popular a few years back, I’ve noticed the online poker trend take off.  I can only imagine how lucrative of a market it really is.  It’s so easy to fire up that browser, click on that favorite link and get playing.  Now instead of packing your bags, buying a plane ticket or filling your car up with gas, you just get online and bam, you’re in business.  Not only that, people can play up to several tables at a time while online.  You could never do that in person, even if you tried, you’d probably lose a lot of money.

Here in Hawaii, gambling is already illegal.  We’re one of the few states who have a ban on gambling.  There have been measures to try and legalize gambling, at least even to an extent of a lottery system.  It’s never materialized and I don’t think it ever will.