Sony PCG-V505BXP PCI Modem driver problem

A client didn’t have his recovery disks so I went ahead and used his CD-Key and reinstalled Windows using a regular OEM CD and the client’s valid CD-Key.  I am now trying to find one last driver.  Well, I should say get the driver to work instead of find since I’ve already found it.  This PCI Modem driver that I downloaded through Sony’s website just will not cooperate.  Every time I run the executible file I am greeted with a nice, “Failure” message in regards to the driver.  I would love to be able to extract what is inside the .exe file but I don’t think that is possible.  I attempted to use WinRAR but that did not work.  I’ll keep everyone updated.  Hopefully if I get this fixed someone else will run across this and this will help them.