Save the Internet!

For those of you who are not too familiar with the term “Save the Internet”, well it is basically just that, saving the free flowing information that you now have access to from greedy money hungry telcos that want to extort people/businesses for money in order to have access to content.

What the telcos want to do is basically have a toll to the Internet or a tiered Internet in which whoever pays the most, gets the fastest pipe.

This in turn would mean for a consumer, you, that when you try to visit, so long as they’re paying their monthly extortion fee, you’ll see’s homepage quite fast.  On the other hand, there is Joe Mom and Pop, down the street from you, unable to pay the large ransom fee in order to get their bandwidth out to you.  You type in their domain name and sure enough, since they couldn’t pay their extortion fee to the money hungry dickwads, your connection to their website times out.  Or, it takes say a few minutes for their site to load.  — As it stands right now, if you were to visit both pages, you’d see them both probably at the same time.

Last night the COPE Act of 2006 was passed through the house without much needed net neutrality amendments that would have came from rep. Ed Markey.

I suggest, if you’re for net neutrality, you go and find out if your rep voted yay or nay for the amendment to the Cope Act of 2006 and if it was a nay, then vote them out of office.