Microsoft Officially launches OneCare Security for Windows

Windows Live OneCare, which will protect up to three computers for $49.95 per year, marks the latest step in Microsoft’s effort over the years to make its operating system less vulnerable to crippling Internet attacks.

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Update: I just wanted to relay that I was in the closed beta from start to finish and this product is worthwhile of the $50.00.  My main reasons are: It is not bloated like McAfee or Norton.  It leaves a relatively small footprint as far as system resources are concerned and it does a decent job at protecting you.  Although it is not the end all, be all of computer security products, it starts you off on the right foot.  I would suggest using’s Spy Sweeper as well as Spyware Doctor in order to combat any type of spyware or prevent any type of spyware problem from occurring.

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