SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1GB Drive Dead

So I plugged my thumbdrive into my computer, wrote some data to it.  After the data was done writing, took it out and plugged in into a client’s computer to transfer some data off of it.  After that was done, I went ahead and plugged it back into my unit.  Lo and behold, I was greeted with in explorer a drive letter instead of the name “THUMBDRIVE” which I had re-named it to.  Upon double clicking on the drive it says that there is no disk and to insert disk.  I then tried to see if I could see it within disk management.  I couldn’t.  I tried Partition Magic, still no luck.  In the end, I officially declared it a dead thumbdrive.

I’m on my way to go to Circuit City to pick up 1) either the older 256 or 512MB version for personal use and then another 1GB for my business use.  I will be RMAing my broken 1GB soon.

Just wanted to post this so that you all could troubleshoot based on what I went through and what my end results were.