Changing the default font for Outlook 2003’s task notes

Outlook 2003 tasks.  I’m interested in finding out if when using Outlook 2003 for its tasks feature and while also utilizing an Exchange server, if it is possible to change the font for the task notes to a standard font.  Right now when I create a task, the note font is what I have my fonts set at, which is Verdana, size 9.  However, when I go back and open it up and try to edit it again, it will default to Arial, size 12.  I’m wondering if this defaulting is happening on the server side or if it’s a client side option that I can set so that the font will always be Verdana, size 9 no matter what happens.

I’ve searched high and low and cannot find any info in regards to this.  I’d so greatly appreciate it if one of you experts could chime in to let me know whether or not this is something that can be done client side.  Right now I do not have access to our Exchange server but I could talk to our administrator if the need arises.  Thank you.