SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1GB with U3 software review.

Cost, relatively cheap, I got it for $55.99 with a $16.00 MIR through SanDisk.  Size and speed, amazingly tiny and amazingly fast at the same time.  I transferred a 10GB file in less than a minute.

Reliability, not so good.  My first unit is defective.  The light on the unit is supposed to stay on unless there is some type of data transfer going on.  Unfortunately, my light blinks on and off intermittently every few seconds.  I have to go and return the unit and get another one from Best Buy.

Third, this unit comes with U3 software on it.  What this U3 software does is basically install itself onto every computer that you plug this guy in to.  It says that it will leave no traces of the software at all but it’s still a pain in the ass.  I use my thumbdrive primarily for taking and putting a bunch of programs on client’s computers to remove spyware.  In having this U3 software always install it 1) takes up precious time that I have to wait for this thing to install and 2) puts useless software that I don’t even care about or use.

If you search Google for U3 removal, one of the first few links will take you to a page where you can actually get a program that Best Buy uses to remove the U3 software.  I tried it and it worked flawlessly and it did not do any harm to my thumbdrive.  You may be thinking maybe that’s why I’m having issues now but it isn’t.  It was blinking intermittently since the first time I plugged the unit in.  In any case, I hope whoever stumbles upon this mini-review will take it into consideration when purchasing this drive.

With that being said, I have owned the 256mb version but that one died last week when it fell off and got smashed into pieces.  That drive lasted me well over a year and a half and would have continued to serve me well hadn’t I smashed it on accident.  The major changes from that first generation unit to this second generation unit is that the light that lights up was blue and is now green.  Also the design of the thumbdrive itself has changed.  There was an almost indestructable plastic casing that surrounded the thumbdrive.  Now, there are sleeves of think rubber that surround the thumbdrive and when taken off it is ugly as heck.  You’re given the choice to rice out your thumbdrive with three different colored sleeves.  You have red, blue and the standard clear that it comes packaged with.  If you have any questions or anything, feel free to send them to me!