MPAA targetting “the usenet”

I found this article through and I found it very amusing at this particular quote from a spokesperson of the MPAA.

”A common misconception among people who use networks like these is that they’re in a group that is above the law,” said movie industry association spokeswoman Kori Bernards.”

 I mean come on, it is THE MPAA who think they’re above the law.  They go in and sue innocent old grandmas who don’t even have computers.  They are idiots!  I am in no way condoning piracy but the acts that these idiots pull are just are reprehensible as the pirates.  They’re already making MILLIONS of dollars and they’re crying over piracy?  I use the logic, the people who download the movie or song probably would not have gone out to watch the movie anyway so they’re not necessarily losing money… unless that person sells it to someone who was planning on going to see it.  9/10 times if I watch a movie that was downloaded I go and see the movie in theater!