I got my Jansport Solstice bag today

Let me tell you, this is the bag I’ve been waiting for for quite some time now.  I haven’t had a new bag since about 2002.  I bought a “GIRL” skateboard branded backpack which eventually met its demise.  I kept searching high and low for a design that I really liked or caught my eye.  I haven’t seen a nice Jansport bag up until last week when I first posted about the Jansport Solstice in the sulfer color scheme.  I can honestly say, this is thee bag for me.  I’m so happy I bought it.  It’s smaller than I imagined but still, it fits all of my books and I’m sure it will fit much more with the space that it has.  Anyway, if you’ve been searching for a decent bag that looks radical, look no further than either the Jansport Solstice or the Jansport Odyssey.  The latter bag is going to make it to my collection probably some time next week.  I’ll definately post something about it when I receive it.