Internet connection stops working after five minutes

Internet connection just stops working after five minutes.  Symptoms, you cannot get to any web pages, no matter what you do; however, you’re able to ping, tracert and receive an IP address.  More than likely what is happening is that there are remnants of an old firewall program still stuck on your computer?  Possible left over registry entries from attempting to remove a firewall program such as Zone Alarm or CA EZ Trust Firewall.  In my case, it was EZ Trust Firewall.  I had removed whatever spyware was on this client’s computer, cleaned it up real nice, but the internet would just stop working after exactly five minutes.  I attempted winsock fixes, etc, nothing worked.  I finally caught on when I realized I saw this little pop up from my task tray that said something about my EZ Trust Firewall was disabled.  I started searching through the registry and sure enough, there were still lots of entries with EZ Trust Firewall.  I removed MOST of them thinking that was enough.  I rebooted, waited, same thing happened.  Then, I thought, perhaps if I reinstall the program I can uninstall it properly.  Nope, you have to pay for the program or re-sign up using your Road Runner account e-mail address and password – something I did not have access to.  So, I went back in, and found one more entry of EZ Trust, the only thing weird was it was under a Zone Alarm key.  I just decided to delete it anyway.  Reboot, wait, bam, internet works again after five minutes.  Case closed.

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