Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 coming real soon

I received word from a very reliable source that beta 2 should be coming soon and that it will be a few builds ahead of what was leaked.  That made me very disappointed.  If it’s anything near what the leaked 5299 beta is like, we’re in for a big surprise.  For some, for some odd reason or another, it works fine.  For others, it is a piece of crap that should not even have been released.  I, for one, will be hopeful and hope that this release was far from what they will be releasing, if it is, great.  If it’s similar in nature where it eats up memory and CPU cycles, I’m not going to like that.  And it’s probably going to be the same thing; people are going to come out saying its great, better than FireFox, better than Opera, etc.  Then, on the other hand, you’ll have people who have issues like ram/CPU hogging and that it doesn’t render pages properly.  

Right now there is a nasty bug in the 5299 version where if you refresh a web page, it doesn’t render the page properly, anymore.  Also like I mentioned before, my main concern is with opening up multiple tabs.  That is one of thee best things that FireFox has to offer, IMHO.  You can set a bunch of tabs up in your favorites to open via your favorites.  In doing so, FireFox readily does this without taxing any resources on your computer.  With IE7 beta 2 preview, your system resources are just unimaginably taxed to a breaking point where some people experience crashing of the browser and others just experience extreme sluggishness. 

Here’s hoping to a brilliant MS product that will make me proud for saying I use Microsoft products.  I guess it will also be a time where we can address these problems with the officials at MS instead of using leaked versions with no one to talk to about bugs.  I’m glad they went with a public beta this time as we as testers, will find numerous bugs and we’ll all be able to report them.  I truly hope you all test this browser out, test it as much to your ability as you can and send in bug reports.  I’ll try to do a write up on how to send in a bug report when the browser is released.  Anyhow, the next few weeks will be a waiting game!