PS2 mod chip installation

So, I’ve been researching information in regards to PS2 mod chip installs.  I’ve been at various forums, reading all the posts I can.  It seems to me to be a rather complicated job for a novice solderer.  I have already successfully installed an Xecuter 2.3b lite mod chip into my XBox but that was like seven solder points.  The PS2 consists of at least 12-14 depending on which version of the PS2 you have.  I have a piece of crap Radio Shack 15w soldering iron and some rosin core solder.  I was playing around and just trying to practice on this old NIC I have lying around.  I ended up bridging quite a few of the connections which are similar in nature to the PS2 motherboards chips.  It’s safe to say that if I attempted the PS2 mod chip install right now, I’d probably fuck everything up.  So, I’m still researching as much as I can.

The thing that I’m not understanding the most is how they attach the wire to the motherboard/mod chip.  Like I mentioned I was practicing and when I attempt to solder the normal way, which is to touch the joint area and heat it up, and then apply the solder to the area and not the iron, the solder doesn’t melt.  If I leave the iron on any longer, I already run the risk of damaging the PCB.  I read one post at a forum that said that most people will tin the wire that they’re going to connect and then they just kinda hold the wire in place and then touch the area with the soldering iron and it should stick.  That makes sense as some of the places that you have to solder is very restricted in space.  Oh well, if anyone reads this and has successfully modded their PS2, feel free to add your two cents.  Thanks.